Charlies Great Adventures


A Presentation that makes writing fun!

My favorite part of being an author is school visits. Getting out with the students and getting them excited about the writing process is such a joy!

All of my children's stories are written in the first person, from the perspective of Charlie the cat, so I use that perspective to teach students how to reach inside their own imaginations and see things from a different point of view. Imagine what the world would look like if your face were only four inches above the ground and you walked around of four legs. How would everyday things appear? Now apply that to a thirty-foot tall monster. How is everything different?

I try to include the "Six Traits" as much as possible, with an emphasis on Voice. I walk through the process of creating characters and then bringing them to life on paper, while using humor to make it all fun. Your students will leave the room wanting to get right to work on their own stories!

Each presentation lasts 30 minutes, and includes time for students to ask questions. I present to grades 1-6, by grade level or similar grades (1/2, 3/4 etc.) so I can address the writing process from what the students are currently learning in class.

Visit Fees

I am very aware of the current financial crisis that our schools are facing, so I am trying to do my part and keep my rates to a minimum. If you are willing to work with me, I can do it for almost nothing. Author visits are most successful for everyone if the students are told the author is coming and are exposed to some of the books in advance.

Phoenix and the surrounding valley: I will do a half or full day visit (maximum 5 30-minute presentations) for free. All I require is that your school purchase 2 sets of my books for the library (a total of $80) and send out flyers offering my books for sale before and after my visit. If you do not currently have any of my books, I will send the copies in advance so that one or two chapters can be read to the students prior to my visit.

Outside the Valley: Contact me. I will do everything I can to keep traveling expenses and fees to a minimum depending on what your school can afford.

What teachers and librarians have to say:

“When C.A Goody starts talking, the students are glued to their seats. I’ve seen her work with all age levels and the results are always the same: the students are elevated to new heights of creativity while laughing their heads off! Her ability to use humor while educating is amazing. She references the 6 traits in ways that even teachers learn better ways to explain them. And the students love her!”
Dawn Glen Librarian/Teacher
Copperwood Elementary
Glendale 623-412-4650

“C.A Goody brings a certain magic to every school she visits. She develops an instant rapport with the students. She is not only a magnificent story teller, but she also explains the process that she goes through when writing her books. The children are so entranced with the characters and the story lines, they are immediately inspired to start writing their own.”
Cheryl Mertz, Teacher/Instructional Specialist
Desert Harbor Elementary
Peoria 623-486-6200

“Carla makes it so easy for the kids to use their own life experiences to create good writing. She shows them that it can be fun and exciting by using humor. She has a wonderful way of relating with the kids.”
Shelley Clinite, 2nd Grade Teacher
Abraham Lincoln Traditional
Phoenix 602-896-6300

"The primary classes loved her stories about how her story came to be, but their imaginations came to life when she read from her books. The intermediate students were inspired by her writing tips and empowered to be their own writers. Our collection of Charlie the Cat is widely circulated from our library and many students recommend it to others. You need her to visit and see the “Charlie effect” for yourself!”
Holly Gutierrez, Media Specialist
Basha Elementary
Chandler 480-883-4400

The Best Author You May Never Have Heard About!

Charlie’s Great Adventures are the innocent tales of a young cat who finds excitement, adventure and humor at every turn. Charlie narrates the stories from a first person perspective, giving young readers a chance to feel like they are experiencing his amazing exploits right along with him. Written at a third to fourth grade reading level, these books have become favorite read-aloud books in Kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms, and are adored by cat lovers of all ages!